What is Circle OASIS?

  • Circle Of Arab Students In Schools (Circle OASIS) helps middle school students, who are newly arrived or first generation immigrants, develop the tools to be successful participants and collaborative leaders in American society.
  • Circle OASIS provides peer groups consisting of four to six students guided by a professional facilitator.
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Why Arab Immigrant Adolescents?

  • Circle OASIS is sensitive to the needs of this Arab immigrant middle school aged students and the vulnerabilities that come with adapting to a new culture.
  • Circle OASIS recognizes that adolescents are empowered by being among peers of similar experiences and stage of life.
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Why Are We Successful?

  • Circle OASIS utilizes cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal methods that have been adapted from the following programs and approaches:
  • The Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP), which was developed in Queensland University of Technology in Australia;
  • The Positive Psychology approach developed by Professor Martin Seligman of University of Pennsylvania; and
  • Albert Ellis’s Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

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Daily Inspiration

“The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.” Richard Sheridan

Blog Updates


Welcome to Circle Oasis!

Thank you for visiting Circle OASIS. Join us at our next Arab Students’ circle to enjoy food, drink, music and great new friends!



Dear Lama,

I am in college already. I think about group often. I wish there was a group here. I remember how much we helped each other and how you helped me understand about religious tolerance.

I liked a lot our dancing and the art we did when we first started.

Thank you Lama!


Hi Lama,

As you know, I’m 13 years old, from Jordan and I live in Brooklyn. I grew up in Brooklyn all my life.  It felt very good to be with other girls who were like me.

I really liked when you took us to movies and how you taught us about bullying and cyber bullying. You taught me a lot of the dangers of online websites. I really wish you were here longer because I love what you did with us. I imagine myself in 25 years in Brooklyn married with kids.

Thank you for everything you did.


Dear Lama

Thank you for being a really good group leader.  You taught me a lot. You taught that it was ok being a different minority and living in a big city.

I loved the videos we watched.  They helped me  a lot. For example when you showed us the video of girls being different and with their image.  That it was important for me to love myself.

One thing I enjoyed the topics you gave us and like the way you gave us the opportunity to express ourselves…

I miss you and the group.